An independent entity

The entity is completely independent of any religious or political character. We ask for neither public nor private subsidies to maintain religious and political independence. However, our wish is to collaborate with other foundations that share our ideas with the ultimate aim of achieving more positive results towards a common objective.

We ask for neither public nor private subsidies to maintain religious and political independence


Literary Distribution

Our principal objective is to distribute literary works which due to acquired knowledge influence favourably the general continuity which we define as: establishing knowledge of realities that act or can act towards the social development in all walks of human life, and by extension in all biological ambience.

We promote the awareness of important realities for the social evolution in all walks of human life.


The Essay, our motive

In terms also defining, to stimulate the literary production of the essay which in all its possible rigor represents an illuminating compliment to the concepts in literature in general, and at the same time induce to write more literature according to the historiographic and ideas favouring the development of knowledge. We believe we must compensate for the extensive amount of fictional literature which wants to reach the biggest possible majority of readers in their habits of thinking, reflexioning and in the imaginative simbolism which is inevitable in this literary genre. Through the Fondation Europa Cultural we want to support the essay genre in order that it gains presence among readers with certain scientific, socialogical, political or biological concerns.

The aim is to induce to write more literature based on the historiographical and thought, favouring the developoment of knowledge.


Literary prizes

The system that we have considered appropriate to reach this objective is to set up literary prizes. This year 2015, the competition is solo. In previous editions the prizes have been together with other foundations and from 2016 on we will alternate the format of prize-giving together and solo.

Fondation Europa Cultural reserves the right to publish the winning piece in non commercial publications for free distribution, as well as by contract with prestigiously known publishers; in all supports, including the internet. It also reserves the right to offer free through the web site the ability to read all the works awarded prizes. The works can be presented in French, English, Spanish and German.

Our web space

Welcome to this space where you have arrived by one means or another. We hope that the reading of the literary works will always be used for strictly personal use, as all printed matter orientated to third persons with or without any type of compensation must be authorised by the corresponding authors.

This web site has been created to spread and to help the reading of the awarded works.