Fondation Europa Cultural

Humanistic Essay Prize Subject:  The welfare state and the human dissatisfaction


Catalunya Literària Fundació Privada, together with Fondazione Etruria and the Fondation Europa Cultural, periodically offer an award for humanist essays on a subject established prior to each award. The foundations were created to promote knowledge and disseminate works on different lines of thought. They are completely independent from religious and political entities.

The subject of the 2016 competition is: The welfare state and human dissatisfaction

The works presented must deal with the longings and the personal awareness and the convenience or not to follow our objectives to build a healthier society, from a philosophical and psychological point of view. Taking as an example the American dream and other influences that we can get from popular culture.

The Humanistic Essay Prize is an award of   200.000 (two hundred thousand) euros.

This year, with the objective of reaching a greater number of people with the essay genre and, above all, a younger public, we are opening the competition to audiovisual support.   For this reason the works can be presented only in literary format or accompanied   by   audiovisual support.

The works presented must not have been published or compromised beforehand. The works in literary format must be presented in digital format and must have a content of between 50.000 and 150.000 words, or between 20.000 and 30.000 words if accompanied by audiovisual support. The latter must have a duration of more than 45 minutes. Consideration will be given to unpublished work. The originals can be presented in Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian or English.

The author or authors who receive the award are free to distribute it freely, without any financial involvement or participation on the part of the three foundations.

Copyright will be reserved exclusively for the author or authors, who will be free to hire publishers to print their work directly, without any financial involvement or participation on the part of the three foundations. The foundations reserve the right to create editions to disseminate free of charge in any media or format.

In the case of the literary works, they must be sent to the email:, before 31/05/2016. The audiovisual works must be presented by means of the same email limit date using a link (and if necessary a password) where the document can be seen.

The prize will be awarded by a jury, whose components will be made public in the moment the verdict is announced, on 16/06/2016.

If according to the jury, the works presented do not adhere to the basic conditions of the competition or do not have sufficient quality and the contest was annulled, the award would be destined to a new competition for the following year.

The prize awarding act can be of a private or public character. In the case of the latter the author or a representative of the winning authors will be obliged   to attend.